If you're looking for new piano benches, caster cups, piano covers, etc. -- this is where you can find them.  To order, write down the item numbers of the things you are interested in, and then call or email to place your order.  Shipping charges depend upon size and weight of order (usually around $5 - $25).  Minimum order is $30.

Everything here is from Schaff Piano Supply.  Schaff only sells high quality items.

Customers who schedule regular piano service with Alexander may take 10% off all prices listed in the catalog.

Catagory List

NOTE: After clicking on each link below, be sure to zoom in on the catalog page scan by clicking on it.  Some browsers will shrink the image to fit the screen, making it too small to be readable.

Cory® Piano Care Products
Piano Benches & Stools
Bench Pads & Decorator Fabrics
Whole-Piano Covers
Piano Lamps
Caster Cups
Miscellaneous Accessories
(music storage, practice mutes, mandolins, fall board shields & locks, key covering felt,
pedal pads, extensions, & covers, action models, decals, composer statuettes)
Piano Books & Videos

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